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Monthly Archives: November 2003

I am… alive

Today, I got to miss Anime club and take my History test. Yay (and then we were forced to eat sir Robin’s minstrels yay) So it wasn’t so bad, I knew my stuff. We shall see. We shall see. Come home and then go out to dinner with Stephanie. That was nice, as always. One […]

Day After… Slowness

I just felt the need to post something, you know? OK so here I am. Really not all that exciting… *looks down* My room is so messy. Tomorrow me and Mom are going to venture off to the library, so I can do research for my history paper. It is very fortunate that Mom likes […]


I have this CD, and on it is one song that is my favorite and least favorite at the same time. It’s like a bunch of guys came together and said to each other. “This song has everything, but one thing…” “What would that be?” “The sound to motorcycles revving their engines!” lol. It is […]


So I wake up today and my eyes are a glowing red color. They hurt and there is other ensuing nastiness. I have Pink Eye (or pink eyes in my case) I am contagious. I guess I don’t have to take tests today. What fun to look forward too at the end of the holiday, […]

Let us celebrate Work Like Hell Day

I agree with Michi things are tough right now. I have been working nonstop all day and I probably will finish late. Now you’d think that would be very stressful but it wasn’t. The windows are open, the house is quiet, and I didn’t have to wake up as 6:20. Can’t complain about that. Trying…to…look…on…the….bright…side… […]


Ok so I just came back from Kat’s sleepover thing. That was good I feel much more collected and tranqil. So now I am borrowing this huge pile of shojo. So good!!! I love it. I love it. I do think Momo is an unusual name for a girl. Oh the romance, shojo is a […]

I’m good, I’m good

Let’s see I guess I’m doing pretty well. Yep! We we’re taking a test in Spanish so we all had D lunch, and I got to eat with Brian! Ah so fun. I think I was the only one happy with lunch change, it is true there is not much food left, But with such […]

El Abanico ya

I came back from Andrea’s, spent and hour and a half studying Spanish and then got distracted playing bomberman. Here I come back and as far as getting anything done I have been completly worthless. I am more productive on the bus! I just can’t work late. Oh I’ll get it done all right… I’ll […]


For thoes who don’t know I have made it to state in GHP. Yea yea.. *dances* I have time now to spruce up my portfolio and paint like there is no tomorrow. Danielle made it also, there was much celebrating in 4th block today, hugging, screaming, jumping up an down… dancing. I just came back […]

Curry-Apple Soup

Ingrown… eyelash…. what the hell? I didn’t even think that existed. You know it isn’t bothering me so I’m not going to bother it. Especially when “bothering” involves sharp pointy objects near my eyes. *terrible images of gore flashes before eyes, reminiscent of Oedipus Rex* Ok so Andrew won’t loan me the spindle (said he […]


This is a test of the emergency broadcast system

Up and Running

Ok so I haven’t decided if I like Livejournal better. But here I am so I suppose that says enough. *sees spell check* niiiceee! Wait.. I was supposed to be doing homework! Yea I’ll get it all done and everything. I’m going to have Kitkat over for dinner. I haven’t seen her since… September? Good […]

Testing Testing

So I finally got the Live Journal thing up and running. Yea yea. Ok so now I’m beat. Today was a fun day with Dani, I had not seen that girl in so long… Ah but there is one I have not seen for even longer! Kat! Where are you hiding you scurvy dog. I […]