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Curry-Apple Soup

Ingrown… eyelash…. what the hell? I didn’t even think that existed. You know it isn’t bothering me so I’m not going to bother it. Especially when “bothering” involves sharp pointy objects near my eyes. *terrible images of gore flashes before eyes, reminiscent of Oedipus Rex*

Ok so Andrew won’t loan me the spindle (said he would) but that’s ok because I understand his point.
1. I won’t finish it for several years
2. Other peeps want them too
3. I need a way to transport them home

Kindling of rationality there. What to do… I have a CD book. That will do. I need to see the rest of fruits basket. (note it’s not “I want to” I NEED to) and Habanme Ranmei. Anime club was wonderful, as always, if somewhat shorter. The improv manga is looking good we are surviving through Gary’s blatant off-topic tangent and it’s coming off nicely. Brian has it this week and he’ll, make good what we have. I should have done a better job with the girl, she doesn’t have a personality yet, she hardly has clothes, and that hair is doing some strange things. when I drew her… she was underwater!! (explains exaggerated hair swirls of movement) hey it’s ok, we can pretend her hair acts like it’s underwater… all the time… for no reason ^_^ and life goes on.

Government test was hell. I didn’t get to study as much as I needed too. Fretting won’t do me any good now. I don’t know what I did but my back is seriously out. I have never had lower problems before and they are awful. Lying on my back on the floor feels nice. Dani says that I need a bucky I think she is right. She said it could be a Christmas present. Homework is light tonight. *Opens the new Terry Goodkind book*

Curry-Apple soup for dinner. Orange juice now.