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Day After… Slowness

I just felt the need to post something, you know? OK so here I am. Really not all that exciting… *looks down* My room is so messy. Tomorrow me and Mom are going to venture off to the library, so I can do research for my history paper. It is very fortunate that Mom likes to research… It’s weird but, honestly I think that’s her passion. If I can finish up my lit tonight, I’ll say I did my part. Or I could just… go to sleep. lol. Not today.

The fish that I have hardly ever seen move… much less leave the bottom. Is darting around the tank at high velocities. Look at im’ go, yea yea Clark!! Ok ok, back to reality. I think the day after Thanksgiving is the only day eating pie for breakfast is encouraged. I have apple cider yumm ^____^

I plan on hanging with friends sometime this weekend. Change that, I WILL be hanging. What time/date/location works best?