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For thoes who don’t know I have made it to state in GHP. Yea yea.. *dances* I have time now to spruce up my portfolio and paint like there is no tomorrow. Danielle made it also, there was much celebrating in 4th block today, hugging, screaming, jumping up an down… dancing.

I just came back from the NHS induction ceramony. Wow. Don’t I feel smart. I guess (current GPA 3.86) I don’t know. I never thought of myself belonging in something like that. It must have been a fluke and they’ll kick me out as soon as they figure out. Or look at my current grades and just as soon kick me out. Well I am in IB so maybe I just have the wrong opinion of myself. I knew about 1/2 of the people there, I probably do belong. I got to hold a little candle and drink punch. Wow.

Oh check this out The Flat Earth Society states that “Beneath the Earth, or hanging off the edges, is a land populated by either green-skinned women or Nazis.” The Theory of Gravity is a lie and the “existance of Idaho is a lie fabricated by a conspiracy of cartograhpers.”