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I’m good, I’m good

Let’s see I guess I’m doing pretty well. Yep! We we’re taking a test in Spanish so we all had D lunch, and I got to eat with Brian! Ah so fun. I think I was the only one happy with lunch change, it is true there is not much food left, But with such pleasant company who could I mind? I am just going to finish up and chill for a while. I can do most everything over the weekend… and I really need some chilling’. I suppose I just don’t deal with stress well, I am getting better though, it is hard to faze me. Bwahahahaha take that! I think Brian keeps me sane. (thank you) I’ll just do my government… and call it a day. So you got these three guys and they all look the same… one is the Devil… one is God and one is human. The devil can only lie, God always tells the truth and the human can to either. You have 3 yes/no questions and you can only ask one guy a question at a time. Now you must decide who is who, and yes it can be solved, I just don’t know how yet.

Angel 9 was a bit disappointing, I didn’t really understand the end and the whole agency and rationale and the extreme levels of crying got to me, but I do have to give it credit. The music was excellent. But I would have to say One Piece is my cup of tea. The anime is good too. ^_^

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!

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