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I have this CD, and on it is one song that is my favorite and least favorite at the same time. It’s like a bunch of guys came together and said to each other. “This song has everything, but one thing…” “What would that be?” “The sound to motorcycles revving their engines!” lol. It is a strange way to end a song I think. On another note, I finally got to see “the Scientist” music video! WA! It is so good!

I am sure the food cooking downstairs smells wonderful. I just can’t smell anything… Stuffy nose is my bane! I need a hug. This is the first Thanksgiving that I’ve had with just my family. Usually we got down to Florida and hang with friends, or they come up and hang with us, or something. It’s a little sad. Okay, just different. We’ll eat soon, yum. ^_^

Look look I can take quizzes too!!!

You’re the loving smile,the one that is entirely
devoted to others,especially that one
person.You really can’t get them out of your
head,but then,you don’t really want to.

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