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Monthly Archives: December 2003


All of a sudden I have been getting a ton of Spam. What’s with this? I’m not fat, I don’t need viagra, and I certainly don’t need 50 lbs of lobster, and why am I constantly getting the vitimin D newsletter? It used to be you could just block them and be done with. Block […]


Hmm *yaaawn* not much to say. Ian is being annoying. Bah! Since when is Rush Hour 2 a scary movie? Because it isn’t. Never was, and never will be. RAAA!! Sometimes I want to throttle him! That being said. I’m gonna read a book. Roald Dahl is particularly juicy.

Only one more week of break. Always too fast. That’s how it always goes. Right now I am preparing to move some furniture. Cleaning a bit. In my room something like weeding the garden. Snip snip here, replant, prune. Cats walking all over the place. Furthermore I have to fix the damnable chair, and I […]


Merry Christmas I feel tired amd loved Saw Lord of the Rings Got some warm and fuzzy ^_^ Hugs and Kisses Hot Chocolate all around I am beat Goodnight -_-zzz

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

Long time no update. Yesterday was fun, I spent the day over at Brian’s and helped put up lights and.. umm… “listened to music” yea that’s what we did. And of course it was wonderful. Kinda funny when Gary called to see if Brian was coming over to his last-minute party. And he tried to […]


So Friday morning I go in like Santa Clause with gifts for friends, and cookies for everyone. Lit final… Art final… ok moving on. So then there was Michelle’s party. I swear her house is at the edge of the world. It took me an hour to get there. But it was worth it! The […]

Finding Mistletoe

You see I am not dead. I can still update. It’s just that my monitor blew up and I have to use a different computer. It was GTO! It killed my monitor. I say it was divine intervention. The great being above wanted me to study for once. Ahh finals. Yes well to start out […]

Emily’s Party

Ok so yesterday I went to Emily’s party. I think I deserves some mention. Because Emily lives in a “shack” the party was at her friend David’s house. So I got to meet David, interesting fellow, showed me his swords. I don’t know if anyone noticed on hat day, there was a guy wearing chain […]


I really don’t know why I was told Saikano was a cute shojo. It is sad and depressing and not cute at all. I just cried straight through episode nine. The whole Akemi dying scene, combined with the war was pulled right from one of my worst nightmares. Where I am shot in the head […]

Short Day

So nothing at all happened today. There was no point at all. I sat with Brian and played Sonic on his smuggled-in game boy. That was fun. I am a terrible person for ignoring the seniors, but it’s not like I expect any better. What I want to know is how Charlotte manages to be […]


Take that! I am going to sleep! Goodnight world. Goodnight. Most likely kill you in the morning.

I have a cold… AGAIN

I swear I can count on my fingers the number of times this year I have been able to breathe through my nose. Where is my immune system? On vacatation in New Zealand yep, that’s where it is. I probably didn’t help that I did some fall cleaning and stirred up loads of dust. I […]

I’m a black belt

I passed!!!! I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m a black belt. I’m […]



Wish me luck on the TaeKwanDO testing! Starts at 8:30.

Todo el Mundo

What do you do when you don’t understand something? Read it again. No sense… so sorry, try again. Read it again. Ok Ok once more. Read it again. Scratch head with pencil. Does it make sense yet? Of Course! Consult the internet. No luck… so sorry. Read it again. Ohhh I get it. I am […]