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Emily’s Party

Ok so yesterday I went to Emily’s party. I think I deserves some mention. Because Emily lives in a “shack” the party was at her friend David’s house. So I got to meet David, interesting fellow, showed me his swords. I don’t know if anyone noticed on hat day, there was a guy wearing chain mail. Well, that was David and his chain mail.
For most of the party I was the only Junior, not that that’s too important, I knew people. So Charlotte shows up and Amber, Emily, David,… decide to go play tag… outside in the dark. We are all IB here. They come back and I hear Emily had some head-on collisions with trees. Later more people showed up, that was good I was worried they wouldn’t come. We looked at a photo album, in it there is this funny picture of Gary. He’s holding up a playboy magazine… except it’s in brail. I almost died. How does that work? ^_^ Maybe it is best to leave that a mystery.

I should study. Finals are next week. Or maybe I should watch some GTO?

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