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Finding Mistletoe

You see I am not dead. I can still update. It’s just that my monitor blew up and I have to use a different computer. It was GTO! It killed my monitor. I say it was divine intervention. The great being above wanted me to study for once. Ahh finals. Yes well to start out with I have pretty much solid Bs. So there is little I can do to bring them up with the final. And I would have to try pretty hard to do badly enough to loose my B. (except in Spanish…) So when it comes down to it I ask myself. “Why am I stressing over this?” My answer is “Good point! I am not! Goodnight”

I went out Christmas shopping today. Swoop. ^_^ I got some pretty cool stuff. We shall see, I have to go out again for Orty. Because I thought of the perfect thing, and now I have to find it. *Smiles in a Grinch-like way* heehee!

On a completely unrelated note I shall teach everyone how to identify Mistletoe. Now that winter has come it is easier to identify. It is a parasitic plant that can be found high is the branches of trees, namely… oak. So what you do, is you look at a tree that has lost all of its leaves. Sometimes there what looks like a little cluster of leaves on one branch. There might be a couple on the same tree but they stand out. THIS is mistletoe. And then what you do when you see it… Grab that boy and kiss him! It really is everywhere you won’t have to look for long.