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Short Day

So nothing at all happened today. There was no point at all. I sat with Brian and played Sonic on his smuggled-in game boy. That was fun. I am a terrible person for ignoring the seniors, but it’s not like I expect any better. What I want to know is how Charlotte manages to be in a billion clubs all at once. It is a miracle.

Forms clinic today. They tried to teach me my black belt form. I got a little bit of it. Afterwards we went and had pizza. Ended up staying way too long because I have a Biology test tomorrow. Then I played and watched Saikano instead of studying. Because I said to myself “hey I have time! It was early release” I overestimated. Got into a really deep conversation with Ashley. I really wasn’t in the mood for that. Completly smashed her bubble when I confessed I wasn’t Christian in response to “God made it that way” After that. I am sure she thinks I’m some sort of weirdo.

So it isn’t until 12:00 that I remember vast amounts of homework. Not to mention that I completly blew off History. So here I sit with a laptop waiting for my email to send so I can go off again. But it’s taking forever! Ok here we go.

Do you know is OM is meeting this Thursday? I doubt so but it would be good to know. Words are blurring together, I probably should just study in the morning.


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