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A neighbor just dropped by to tell us that a coyote has been sighted in our neighborhood. No little cats are going out tonight. *Looks over* and she took my spot again.

Yesterday was mellow, rainy and calm I just sat around reading and watching the rain. And then I found this Cake song that is really great, called Mr. Mastadon Farm. In truth it is only semi-musical but the guy is describing how when he looks out his window on the top floor he sees birds falling past his window, and from where he is he can’t see them open their wings to catch themselves… just falling past his window all the time. Good song.

Anyway today, there was anime club and not much excitement other than that. there was a small Andrea detour where I was captured and had my very bad Spanish corrected. Andrea really is a very kind girl. Winamp is crashing and I’m feeling emotional like earlier today for no particular reason I got very angry with Srta. Flores Like “Hey can you help me with my grammar” and She was all “you don’t need help with your grammar” “Oh yes I do” …walks away. I was so angry I could cry and turn to Andrea *voice quivers* “Can you help me?” and then to make it look like I really had completely broken down a piece of dust flew at my eye and here I am rubbing it and being angry and tearing up because of the dust and making a bit of a scene. You know what? I just think it was one of those days. One of thoes I need a cup of coffee days.

Aaand that’s about it, Madame Bovary has a new lover and my cat is looking pretty comfortable in my spot.