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echo waves

You know when you are at the beach and play on the surf all day. When you go home that evening and you still can feel the waves pushing you about. Yea little echoes…

So. Early release day today! Ya Ya hurray! It still felt too long for me. Spanish just went on and on and on. But after school was fun ^__^ that alone just made it all worthwhile. You see Brian and I hung out and we wandered around a bit and didn’t do much of anything. But that was ok I wanted some Brian time. And LO I got it.

So tomorrow I have Spanish orals and I’m spazzing out over them a bit. I really am prepared… I know what I’m going to do. I just feel a bit nervous. Honestly I should go over it a couple of time put it down, forget about it and go to sleep. Stress just doesn’t work well… ever. As far as stress goes I am infrequently stressed out, and you know if I am stressing something is seriously wrong.

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