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Ok so I went and downloaded eMule and it works. I just can’t download more than one episode at a time without slowing down my internet connection a paseo de tortuga. You know, but when I’m sleeping it’s not like I mind a slow internet. in fact it can be as slow as it likes to be. I could be reading Madame Bovary right now. Nyh. I just really don’t feel like it. You see I could also be robbing a bank or starting fires, but you don’t see me doing that now do you.

I shall now amuse myself by playing spontaneous
Brian, bird, band, back, braid, bridle, beer, boom, beacon, board, beard, buck, brier, bombardment, battle, boom, money, monotony, monkey, monster, moose, mood, meddle, meet, minimum, maximum, morbid, mace, marine, mane, Marxist, manifest, man, moon, noon, normal, noodle, next, nice, net, nose, neo, niece, Norse, nodule, nude, egg, eggplant, each, edge, eagle, east, elephant, e-business, ear, enormous, expansion, exit, enter, eMule…

Just not quite as fun on my own.

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