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Home Again Home Again

Ahh! I spilled hot wax on my pants! I am fine… the pants are not… Is there any way to get it off. I’m thinking scrape/wash? *sigh* stupid candle. and lets see today OM became complete mayhem. I had no idea we were so far behind. But we’ll do fine because my group is the best group… hands down. Together we have an infinite bucket of humor. We just need to get together

I need phone numbers…
Neysha: I have nothing. can you give me a number AIM or something? and I want your CD!!
I need Kunal’s number… I guess I will have to seek him out online
lessee Brian’s covered, Andrea’s never online…
I can contact Sarang easily enough.

The community center works for me. Kinda centralized location there. none of that “i have to drive across Georgia to Hannah’s house” stuff. I am feeling uninspired, no plot is forthcoming tonight. Maybe Stonehenge was one the MilkDragon’s castle lair and what we know is all that’s left. It would explain why our mythological creature is… extinct. Bah! Thinking is hard.

I have to draw a bike in art. Don’t tell anyone but I am so going to beat Raphael. I can do that clean/perfect straight line style too. I just don’t. But this time just you wait! Tryin something new… lala. Not that anyone will notice. I’ll notice and be proud to myself, by myself.

Anyway it was raining today. It’s good to just sit and listen sometimes.