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I’m done

For once I’ve finished my homework early. (It was an accident) Anyway I just finished reading Kat’s big speal on friendship and everything of that sort. I upsetting and depressing read. I’m not one for posting song lyrics but what the hell. For you Kat, I shall.

To me,
Coming from you,
Friend is a four letter word

End is the only part of the word
that I heard
Call me morbid or absurd,

To me,
Coming from you
Friend is a four letter word…

Yea well that fits my mood. I am just being stupid and emotional, so what’s new. I know it’s just me but if feels like when I was told by a girl in second grade “I’m not going to be your friend anymore. I found a new friend” I know I’m being harsh and mean and blowing things entirely out of proportion but right now that just what it feels like. Time for friends isn’t like sugar in the sugar pot. Oh look we’re out of sugar. No cake for you. You can make time, even if it isn’t much at all.

Yea I guess I’m ok. The shitty winamp is neurotic and won’t work at all. Ok ok just so yall know this is a huge mood swing. I don’t get like this often. And Kat hurt my feelings and the cat is trying to eat any remaining fish and, or knock off everything on the desk. And I fell asleep in the bathtub and a want a hamburger and my neck hurts. I panicked myself to death when I thought the TOK essay was due 3 days ago. Bitch bitch bitch hell hell… yea that about covers it.

I still want a hamburger.

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