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Am I the only one who is having Live Journal troubles? I wonder if it will even post. Nyh. I’ll write anyway.

So as far as OM goes today’s meeting was a joke. Yes I got to see the script but we really didn’t need to have a whole meeting. It was more like Brian and I sitting around talking. ^_^ Can’t complain about that now can I? I went and downloaded Emule and umm it’s pretty nice. I had to change something the last 6 episodes were audio only and the 7th was corrupted. (Mind you these took months to download) I have DSL! I can download a bit faster than .02Kb/sec Only reason really is that I’m completely obsessed with One Piece. Has gotta be my favorite anime of all time.

Oh look it’s late suddenly. I don’t have the heart to finish my rice pudding. Ooh too much. ^_^

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  1. gummiberrign wrote:

    You might be on the Santa Cluster, LJ Servers are having some trouble on that one…it’s possible.


    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 5:00 AM | Permalink

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