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New Icon

You can all gawk at my new icons… Ok I’m keeping that one… I mean it’s a good picture of me and that’s hard to beat. but I have others too now.

Today is Friday and I couldn’t be better. I am full, warm, fuzzy, unstressed, half-awake, mellow, and relaxed. I can hang out with my friends this weekend. Ya’hear that I’m gonna be hanging out with people! Mwahahaha whether you want to or not.

I think a mug of hot chocolate would be really nice right around now. Let’s hope I do a better job than last time, when it exploded and the mug was caked in this muddy brown cocoa, and not only did I have to clean up the explosion but also fish nasty chunks out with a spoon. As far as cooking… I don’t make the same mistake twice. And the weird stuff I made last time looked nasty but it was very good.

Hasta Ma├▒ana

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