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nuevo año

So right now I am sending my new year’s resolutions via intraweb to my CDr in Español… of course. What are they you ask? Well I am thinking of giving up soda… sounds familiar? Well I think it is a commendable goal… we don’t keep it in the house, and if Brian decides to give it up… I can feel supportive… because I am. So there. Well that sounds silly.

and all the world hear it I HAVE “B” LUNCH!!! One guess as to why this is good. Not too hard. This semester is going to be fun, ya’know apart from the load of labs an tests and such. I do not have the capacity to worry about that. Time to get cracking on Madame Bovary Dad said that it was supposed to be really good… so I am going to hope that the seniors were a bit off in their terrible reviews of the book.

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