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Sick… pain… cramps… nap

What a day. I wake up to a terrible gut-splitting pain. I swear I have the worst cramps. Sure my girl friends can complain but at least theirs doesn’t leave them bedridden for a day. So I crawl-stumble downstairs to the couch and sleep till dinner. It was awful. Writhing in pain for hours, awful. Fortunately I can deal with it by going to sleep Honestly I thought I was going to throw up all over (didn’t). So I wake up, and there are two cats sleeping on top of me. My sweet Zoe kept me company all day. And lo another pajama day.

Anyhow My email is down. Well just Outlook I can still get it through the earthlink page. I still feel a little green, and I’m sure if that’s the case I probably look a little green too. Make my day, I need to be cheered up.