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The system is down!

For the last couple of days there has been no internet in my house. It left like a stray cat out into the cold. So we got a new one. I was freaking out, I would have to put my Spanish oral on a floppy, but floppies aren’t big enough so I was going to divide it between three floppies. Now that would be different. haha Take that Sra. Flores!

Lets see… Today was low-stress I didn’t actually have to do any thinking all day. Really, none at all. I mean in Bio we were cutting out pieces of paper and matching shapes and gluing them to other pieces of paper. Flashback to 2nd grade there. Anyway, I’m about ready to blink myself to sleep. But I’m not! Anime club was awesome as always, except for the little fact that it ends at rush hour. *sigh* But it was worth it, (I wonder why?) and now I’m borrowing Record of Lodoss Wars and trust me I am going to watch it subtitled. Apparently… not tonight though. Because nothing is happening tonight. And I have nothing interesting to say. So there.