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Well I’m a Hippy

Anyway question of the moment. What sculpture should I make for art? Hmm No restriction on material or subject matter. It just has to be 3D. So WHY IS IT SO HARD?? I want to stick in my concentration area, which by the way is by no means certain; I am going for a botanical tree thing. And everything I think of is entirely too ambitious. Any ideas? Part of me wants to make a lamp… part of me says that I don’t know how. Clay is nice but with something like this it would melt in the kiln. I could use wire I am debating it… It could be a money tree. ^_^ that would be funny. What like 20 bucks in ones? Isn’t that like some federal offense? Well now I’m just thinking to myself aloud. I could make it un mescla of objects… broken glass here… random tube there… exposed wire core… some paper glued on… firecrackers for good measure… No wait that’s actually a really great idea! I could make it not a lamp per say… but maybe have holes for what are they called those firecracker whizzer things. I can just imagine at GHP they come over to my piece “hmmm” they say, “so what were you going for here?” *evil grin* sets on fire. Fizzz fizzz!!! It would certainly make an impression. Though I’m not too sure I am aiming for the “oh that chick who tried to burn down the school” impression. Maybe that’s exactly what I want to do. Any ideas? I have 2 weeks.

Light homework night… YAY! I think…. Math: just took test, History: Just took test I have to read a bit… um Spanish: nah. TOK: check. Looks good from here. Last night I tried to put my retainer in. That would be fun IF I HAPPENED TO BE A SADIST! I hadn’t worn the despicable thing about 7 months and I guess I should consider myself well off that I could get it in at all. But I think my teeth are set as they are and only through extreme force of will would I once again attempt it. It’s hard because you’re intentionally inflicting pain.