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Bad Mood

I feel bad, completely antisocial and grumpy. Today I blew off a couple of social invitations. Both of which would be fun. Not to mention hurt my Mom’s feelings, insulted boy scouts, and am currently missing Ian’s awards ceremony that I really should be at. Ostracized my family, and proceeded to be a total bitch. Spent the major part of the day dwelling on my Spanish oral (Monday) and not getting any of it done. I am upset with Sra. Flores for not helping us with them. She’s all, well you should know how to do this now… HELL NO! That’s why I’m taking the class… Not to mention I have zero confidence on this thing, much less in my Spanish-speaking ability. Honestly it really isn’t all that much. All I can conceivably prepare is the first 3 min the rest is out of my control. It’s like I’m back in middle school all over again. I remember why I was never a happy middle schooler. I used to have anxiety attacks. Stupid shit like this. Today I didn’t even goof off, and at least make the most of working hard at not working. I kinda restlessly roamed the house, tried to read a bit, tried to surf the internet, tried to eat some food, tried to sleep in. I couldn’t even sleep in today I just woke up at 7 on my own. I haven’t been eating right. All I had today was a little cold pizza for breakfast. No appetite to speak of.
Not to mention I am a horrible sister who is missing Ian’s scout arrow of light graduation ceremony right now. I was all I don’t wanna go. I don’t like scouts. (both parents nail in heart) So they left without me. I am such an ass. Hungry, but I just don’t feel like eating. Not that there is anything there to eat.


  1. admin wrote:

    Fish!!! Dear God

    as it turns out I am a horrible fish owner too. I have been forgetting to feed them lately, and lo I turn on the light and my poor little catfish is all emaciated and hungry. I can see his little fish bones as he frantically forages for food.
    That is awful.

    Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 2:35 AM | Permalink
  2. tornprince wrote:

    I know about these days. They sort of lurk behind you. You feel lonely even though your family is right next to you. The world seems to be in disaray and all you can do is exude passiveness moodiness, even though you know you should be attacking it with enthusiasm. You’re family knows who you are, and they love you. Everyone is allowed a bad day. You of all people deserve one. You may not realize this, but when you’re around you brighten everyone’s day. Your energy and magnetism, your charisma, well you make everyone feel good. You really do. You don’t even have to say anything and people want to smile with you.

    Again, I know the feeling. But you bring me back. Just know, that it goes away. And it’s great! And you wonder why you were feeling that way to start off with! SO! Go eat some pastrami, tell your parents you’re a little down and you hope they’ll understand, and call me ^_^

    I love you


    Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 3:46 AM | Permalink
  3. softsmile wrote:


    *Hannah huggle*
    I love you! Miss you!
    Chin up, babe.

    Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 4:16 AM | Permalink
  4. erewen wrote:

    Oh, kid. Missa sry!

    I know exactly how you feel. It doesn’t last forever, as you probably know. I’m usually tempted to go out for a walk, something I’ve been fairly bad about getting myself to do. I also recomend finding some really peculiar ingredients in your fridge, if anything seem peculiar and edible, and then trying to make something out of them. Chicken stock can work wonders! Then maybe clean up a bit if you see anything so filthy that you absolutely can not abide with it any blonger. Truth be told, there are times when I’ve gone to smarten up my brother’s room or just done dishes on end for something around two hours while listening to some jazz/ easy listening on the radio. The dishes sometimes are already clean, but hey, I really need something to do, so there!
    Hope you feel tons better, kid!
    Heb. 13:5

    Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 1:23 PM | Permalink

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