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Fish Cloud

So let me start with yesterday. I had fun. You see we decided to have an OM meeting on Saturday. Except in the end it was only Andrea, Brian, and I who showed. But Hey we spent a lot of time getting very little done. Andrea had called me like 20 minutes before I left telling me that she would be “a little late” Ok I have no problem with “a little late” really it’s quite fine. I don’t mind waiting around with Brian… really… not at all. Two hours is not a little late! But hey she went out and got PVC pipes. I can’t complain about Andrea. Afterwards Me and Brian hung out and went to coffee house. Yay Yay! And I got to see “Lost in Translation” the bootleg version. It was a good movie. Coffee house was ok I mean I think last year’s was better. The skit from Chicago was excellent lol “He ran into MY knife ten times!” Doodeedoo. Yea that was my Saturday.

I just came back from the Zen Center. It was really pleasant today, nice, but cold. I have a thing about cold. Me and Cold don’t get along too well together, but I had a blanket. You see I have been thinking. So I was in the car and there was this really pretty cloud the wind had sent the puffs into little ribs. It looked like a fish in the sky. And it made me think. You know that cloud was once a fish. water in the fish = water vapor… Get it. it really is a relaxing idea no matter how convoluted it is. Sooo with that in mind I could say that the cloud is a fish. If it can be a fish then it has to be everything… mud, plants, me… Now why am I limiting myself to clouds? Everything is everything. lol that sounds funny. But it isn’t right because it is only my mind that saw the cloud as a fish. And even if part of the cloud was once part of a fish long ago. It isn’t anymore. So it doesn’t matter. The cloud is just a cloud. The cloud came and went and now it’s gone.

Today I am probably going to spend doing homework. I need to get caught up in lit and I have my sketchbook to work in. And I had better start working on my three-dimensional piece for GHP. The sketchbook is going to be fun… I think I am going to work on that now. I have to incorporate a texture rubbing of some sort. I think I am going to stick within my concentration and find myself some bark, twigs and leaves. Yeee! I am roaring to run around outside with come crayons and paper. Wahahaha.

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