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Fish Cloud

So let me start with yesterday. I had fun. You see we decided to have an OM meeting on Saturday. Except in the end it was only Andrea, Brian, and I who showed. But Hey we spent a lot of time getting very little done. Andrea had called me like 20 minutes before I left telling me that she would be “a little late” Ok I have no problem with “a little late” really it’s quite fine. I don’t mind waiting around with Brian… really… not at all. Two hours is not a little late! But hey she went out and got PVC pipes. I can’t complain about Andrea. Afterwards Me and Brian hung out and went to coffee house. Yay Yay! And I got to see “Lost in Translation” the bootleg version. It was a good movie. Coffee house was ok I mean I think last year’s was better. The skit from Chicago was excellent lol “He ran into MY knife ten times!” Doodeedoo. Yea that was my Saturday.

I just came back from the Zen Center. It was really pleasant today, nice, but cold. I have a thing about cold. Me and Cold don’t get along too well together, but I had a blanket. You see I have been thinking. So I was in the car and there was this really pretty cloud the wind had sent the puffs into little ribs. It looked like a fish in the sky. And it made me think. You know that cloud was once a fish. water in the fish = water vapor… Get it. it really is a relaxing idea no matter how convoluted it is. Sooo with that in mind I could say that the cloud is a fish. If it can be a fish then it has to be everything… mud, plants, me… Now why am I limiting myself to clouds? Everything is everything. lol that sounds funny. But it isn’t right because it is only my mind that saw the cloud as a fish. And even if part of the cloud was once part of a fish long ago. It isn’t anymore. So it doesn’t matter. The cloud is just a cloud. The cloud came and went and now it’s gone.

Today I am probably going to spend doing homework. I need to get caught up in lit and I have my sketchbook to work in. And I had better start working on my three-dimensional piece for GHP. The sketchbook is going to be fun… I think I am going to work on that now. I have to incorporate a texture rubbing of some sort. I think I am going to stick within my concentration and find myself some bark, twigs and leaves. Yeee! I am roaring to run around outside with come crayons and paper. Wahahaha.

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  1. tornprince wrote:

    Some men just can’t hold their arsenic…

    We did get the foundation for our set… set up. Should I bring the set in tomorrow? I think we should find out where we’re going to keep it first.

    The Zen center sounds really great. You should get your mum to go. Let her know in advance too you know? “Hey mom! You’re coming with us to the Zen center next time!” Who can say no to that? Especially if the whole family says it. No excuses! LOL! That’s how I would do it.

    Anyhow, I’m alive. And if you feel like you want to chat, I’m not going anywhere. Just going to sit here and finish homework, and draw, and sleep.

    Sunday, February 1, 2004 at 11:17 PM | Permalink

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