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My karma ran over your Dogma

You know today was just one of those days. Through some miracle I found the medicine in my pack that I needed so I didn’t have to leave school. Because I was about to… another 30 minutes and I would have been crawling away to the attendance office to hide in their dimly lit closet. So as much to say I am feeling a little off. Much better, but still a little off. In fact I am feeling so very off that I didn’t do much of anything at all. Bit less than the bare minimum… I’m just hoping someone knows what they are doing on the math homework because “do number one… but don’t do what the book says to do” doesn’t equate well. In fact… It doesn’t equate at all. So either I will figure it out (I can never rule this one out) Someone will tell how, or I shall drag myself to the teacher shake my fist at her and complain about how I COULD be hanging with my friends. That sounds like a plan. Can I go to sleep now?

I think not! Well I am going to finish this post. So in art I am drawing this psychedelic tree and, well you wouldn’t be able to see it very well now (The are room is dark at night) It is a veritable junk heap of color, and of course I did procure the magic pastilles that drip and ooze color whenever you poke at them. Mr. Ross hides them but he can’t hide them from me. Anyway there was Anime club today; I got to see Emily’s little fainting spell. *cough cough* I don’t know. I’d like to believe she just wasn’t feeling well… you know very tired… KO, but hey, whatever. Bootlegs are coming along nicely. One Piece 44 only exists in German or French. I’d be ok if I could find it in Spanish. Kind of rainy today, rainy and cold. I like rain. I really do but I think today, it didn’t agree with my stomach. *Shakes fist at sky*

Brian- I can scan the picture in if you’d like a copy.

-Go to sleep now.
-Mother may I?
-Yes, you may

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