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Ok so I am really stressed out right now. I really don’t know what made me snap but I haven’t been this upset in a long time. REALLY upset. I am just so frustrated with my 3-D piece and everything that’s going on. My fingers are raw from bending the stupid frigging wire all over the place. What I have now looks like is was ripped from some craft festival. After I screamed at Ian for absolutely nothing then broke down. I haven’t even gotten to my homework. I really don’t understand why I am just so upset right now. I mean it’s not like everything is riding on this one thing. DINKY SHIT!!! It makes me so angry that I don’t know what I’m doing, and Mom is too upset to help me. And Dad can’t, not to mention that he is to the point of ripping his own hair out. Living in a constantly “under construction” house is hard. Living in a constantly “under construction” house with no progress being made and no end in sight is even harder.

The internet is down, my room is a mess, my art is bad, essays are not written, concrete is cold, I am tired, and I hurt, and I don’t know what he hell I’m doing.

She said that she would go out with me and see if there was anything we could buy that would help and make it a bit easier, well as I was getting my shoes on she just drove off, with dad. Even with me running after them. Who knows where they went. They just left me here and i don’t feel like I can cope on my own. I can’t even blame it on being PMS. Now I have these huge circles under my eyes. I just feel awful, and I’m sure I look awful too.

Cursing really isn’t worth it. Why is it so cold? My hands are bloody with little scratches. I am just having a bad day, so much so that I don’t think I could bring myself to call anyone. *sigh*