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The Weekend

You know I really needed a long weekend. Today I slept to 11, and even then my parents had to drag me out of bed. I really don’t understand why. I mean I don’t think it would be terribly calamitous to let me sleep as long as I like one day out of the week. But that’s just me here, and I am known to be considerably error prone. I finished drawing this kickass sketchbook assignment. And the medium of choice is DA-DA-DUMMM Crayons! It’s like reverse evolution.

And now… ma’ weekend.
So, Saturday GHP yaaay, then Kat’s yaaaay.
If you haven’t see this yet everyone must check out Damn! That is a sweet Earth you would say… I had fun at Kat’s, I missed her so much. I don’t know, I feel a bit out of the loop in Kat’s life. She has all these friends that I’ve never met and I know they are really important and all. I want to be a part of that. Ya’ hear that, Kat? ^_^ lol The only way to solve this is some serious hanging time. So I can meet these people. And I got to see Dani, who is looking mighty sexy. *poke poke* Aren’t you Dani?

Sunday! WOOT! I went over to Brian’s and hung out with… a bunch of guys, and it was a blast! Yay! We watched the super-bootlegged version of Igby Goes Down. You know it is bootlegged when the movie’s in English and there are subtitles in Russian and Chinese… Yay BOOTLEG ALL THE WAYYYY!!!! heh heh heh. (Download my little One Piece Download) It was really good to see Brian out of school (OM is not out of school). I mean really really good. ^_^ Dude you kick ass on the skateboard! and in other areas… ^_^ I could just ramble on and on about my very excellent Sunday but not to leave Monday out…

Monday? Well umm as you can tell I am doing everything I can to stay away from my homework. I am a stupid procrastinator and now I pay. This should take a whole of say… 30 minutes… but as I have put it off for about two weeks we’ll see where that leaves me. I’m gonna be up all night. feh… Everything is fair and just and I will drink a pot of tea, and if eMule is honest, watch One Piece 63 in 4 hours and 55 minutes. If I’m still awake by then. Back to work. Back to work.

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