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We Should get a Blender to Wash the Clothes

Hmm so I am in the middle of my TOK essay, no I am more like at the end, conclusion part of it. Now that I reread it I am suddenly struck by how pointless, and bad it is. Well it… makes sense and umm. It just has this feel… I wanna say, philosophical, self-help, motivational speech. Well, not what I was shooting for, but I’m certainly not re-writing it. I just feel sorry for the teachers. Nyh! *Stress stress* I am ok, I was feeling a lot more stressed right after OM. When we couldn’t decide anything and it was all flying around in the air? But as it stands…

Brian will bring the set to school tomorrow. We stash it in the art room, and if they won’t let us (which they will) we could probably stash it in Dr. Smith’s room. Whatever. So in order to get everything to Andrea’s, my mom is going to come to school in the little Honda and drive (with the set) to Andrea’s. So if anyone forgets to get the bus permission signed there is no excuse not to come because you could just ride with me. Because this thing can’t be done with just some of us pulling all the weight, and I know Andrea has a lot on her plate. Good lord, that girl manages to do everything, and then some.

As for me, I am going to traipess off to Jackie’s after OM and spend the night. And hang out, and have an all-round jolly time. *Deep breath* We can work on improv a bit. And then, this weekend, I have to do my 3-D art piece for GHP. For which I will rouse my mom once again and drain her for her ideas and driving expertise. lol. Dad just came back from his little vacation to FSU where he got to hang out with all his old Florida chums. It wasn’t a “vacation” he had to give a class. But I know he has fun and chilled a lot. I could use some chillin’ actually I am becoming overly fond being lazy. See here I am when I should be working. Now if One Piece had downloaded I know I would have been up till the wee hours of the night, but as I’m almost done. Woohoo *cough* lit *cough* I guess he’s not taking it up… lol SLACKER!!

Right now I am trying to help make Ian “cool” Maybe not “cool” but just not an outcast if you know what I mean. It’s hard because I was never cool with the elementary schoolers. But I am doing what I can to help. He has these really cool things that he never wears, and he doesn’t cut his hair so it’s long and shaggy makes him look somewhere between a Beetle and a Hobbit. *Scratches head* I don’t like it when people are picked on. Elementary kids are the meanest lot. I think…

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