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Weird Music

You know those times when you have a song in your head. Just kind of stuck there. Well I was singing (in my head) happen to press the un-pause button on the player (It had been paused all day) and it was exactly the same song in exactly the same place… I don’t know. It was a bit weird.

What a lazy day. I am supposed to work on my ideas for the painting in art but I really have no idea what I’m doing. It’s one of those try-and-paint-like-such-and-such-artist projects. I just hate that. Nevermind that Mr. Ross is going back on his word to let us do concentration pieces till the cows come home. So in defiance I am trying to tie these two things together. Not working… *shakes fist*

Nyh. I might as well take a bath and do it in Lit… Heh not a good idea. But hey then again I might feel suddenly inspired. (or not) Lazy bum lazy bum

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