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Monthly Archives: March 2004


So I didn’t make GHP. I am an alternate. Which means unless one of the art students dies I have no chance of going… That sucks big time. I was so sure I had made it too. But no. I am disappointed you know. I mean I gave it my best shot, all the pieces […]

Let me see

Ok so yesterday I took Dani out on a date. We went to Borders and drank coffee and all around caught up with each other. We both had just gotten back from the SATs, which by the way were as long as ever. I splurged and enjoyed it completely. Today I was initiated into Buddhism. […]


I can say honestly that today sucked and I am in a bad mood. I’m tired and cranky and I didn’t get home till 7:00. Because I told Sra. Flores that I wouldn’t be able to come to tutoring today because I didn’t have a ride. She says that’s fine, were neighbors, I can drive […]

the Pocket

So we went up to the pocket and it was just as beautiful as always and Brian the mountain goat loved it. Watch him jump from rock to rock! The ride there was a bit of a drive (understatement) but then again I have gone on road trips from Florida to California so I was […]

Happy Birthday & OM

So we did OM today and it was hectic and fun, and I think we made it to state… not that we had very much competition. ^__^ I think all the costumes could use a little work and we need to write OM Campbell on the other side of the set. Val gave me adorable […]


So my CD burner is out and I can’t download any more One Piece until I can burn off the couple gigs that I have now. It says, “cannot perform fixation” and I really don’t know what that means. I think it is something like “couldn’t get it to stick” and I won’t get past […]


I have homework and I really don’t feel like doing it. Bah! History test tomorrow. I need to study… and I will. I just don’t feel like it. Mental fatigue. I am tired of thinking about things. I could have a nap. But it’s not fair to say that because I could always have a […]


So yesterday I spent mmm 8 hours working on the elementary school butterfly garden. Hauling around huge bags of dirt and weeding. Pishaaww So Sore! My arms feel ready to fall off. And I have discovered the thrift store! Which is a marvelous place and someone “bought?” the mangled bikes sitting out front. Who knows? […]


My calculator is missing! My calculator is missing! The world’s gonna end and we’re all gonna die! Nooooo!!!!! Maybe I can do my work without the calculator. No dear God it’s factorials what is 15! I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die. I’m going to call up Roman walk across the street and steal his! PLUNDER […]

mmm late

It is 1:30 in the morning and I am up and “doing homework” But from what you can tell I have decided to update just so you all can observe my killer new icon. Killer… I think for my own personal amusement I am going to rotate them around now and then. So everyone can […]


Well so I am sitting around the house right now and officially “babysitting” Ian, aka. Letting him amuse himself as I ponder over my Madame Bovary essay. Honestly it should have been done a long time ago but hey I we got an extension and I had more time to put it off. I might […]


I had a causal laid back day. I think I might just indulge in a nap. mmm. and if everything goes according to plan I shall go out on a date later this evening! SCORE!! At OM yesterday we made the most awesome duct tape boots. They are so awesome you can’t even begin to […]


Hello all! I suppose I should update, you know? I have these glasses that I wear. But I personally think they are too strong for me because sometimes I’ll get headaches from them. I have been particularly stubborn about wearing them up to now. Before I would just get by with squinting and stuff. Why? […]


So I have something against looking up words that are written in my native tongue. I say to myself “Hey this is my language! No way in hell am I going to look up ENGLISH words! They’re in English!” I am writing the essay and I have been forced to look up 2 words in […]