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So my CD burner is out and I can’t download any more One Piece until I can burn off the couple gigs that I have now. It says, “cannot perform fixation” and I really don’t know what that means. I think it is something like “couldn’t get it to stick” and I won’t get past 2% HELL!! HELL!! *sigh* sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but I have gone through quite a lot of CD-Rs and this is becoming a major pain. But it’s not like they are “used CD-Rs” sometimes they’ll work… and most times not. Gerr!!!!

I am venting here so I shall continue to complain some more. I have a friggin Biology test tomorrow. Which would cover say Digestion, Circulatory system, and Pathogens. Why he couldn’t divide that up a little… who knows. Whatever. As always I can’t study because I spend several hours doing those stupid packets! Which are a waste of time, as none of the material is EVER on the tests. Eh whatever, easy A. But I am finally mostly done with everything (except studying) it’s late. I’m tired, to be honest it’s just not going to happen. Little confession here… I never study. Of course there are a few exceptions i.e. Spanish and various tests. Usually a little morning studying gets me through well enough. Lessee…Hmmm from the body blood goes to the vena cava, Right atrium, Right ventricle, pulmonary artery, lungs, pulmonary vein, left atrium, left ventricle, aorta, and then to the body… ok SCORE! okok I’m on a roll arteries away, pathogens bad, chewed food boils, esophagus goes to stomach, Cholera is in water, Chickenpox is a virus, memory cells keep you from getting it twice, ingestion eating, digestion little pieces, absorption into blood, assimilation into cell, amylase breaks down carbs (because Amy is on a low carb. diet ^_^) , Pepsin-proteins (start with P), Fats bile, Tetanus is a bacteria, SA node pulse, AV node delay lub-DUB, lipase liver, food-bolis- chyme-feces, mouth-pharynx-esophagus-stomach-small intestine-large intestine-rectum-anus, stomach pH 2 acid, ringworm is a fungi (treat it w/ athlete’s foot cream over the counter)

LOL that was fun. Haha virus-chickenpox, bacteria-tetanus, fungi-athletes foot, protozoa-malaria, flatworms-blood flukes, roundworms-heartworm… Ok I’m going to stop now. Writing it helps me remember, but I prefer the age-old tradition of staring-blankly-at-notes-for-several-hours. Oh reverse schedule tomorrow 4-3-2-1. Thursday and Friday are 1-3-2-4. Just so ya’ll know. ^__^ It’s late. Maybe my lit will mysteriously do itself in art.

I don’t have to be a vegetarian!!! MEAT! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! SLEEP!!!!! Goodnight

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