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So I have something against looking up words that are written in my native tongue. I say to myself “Hey this is my language! No way in hell am I going to look up ENGLISH words! They’re in English!” I am writing the essay and I have been forced to look up 2 words in the same sentence. Exorbitant and Bourgeoise. That just pisses me off. Like I’ll write what I want to say and then look and realize that I don’t understand all the words I’ve written so I have to check to make sure I am actually saying what I want to. Yea I’m weird I know… but I haven’t been wrong on word choice yet. It’s always precisely what I want to say, unless it’s a stupid French word that I can’t spell. (or misspell well enough for spell check to help me out) It is my one small academic pride. I boast complete mastery of the English language. Though that whole looking things up thing… that might just be a Hannah thing… I hardly look up Spanish words either. I’m just like “hmm I don’t understand this word… but I see what they’re saying so it must not be important.” or “I don’t get this… Oh well! Moving on.” lol Maybe this is why I have problems in the class. Oh well! Moving on…

Field trip today. SO where did the IB students go? Can you guess? ANOTHER SCHOOL!!! Yayyy (insert sarcasm here) we didn’t even get the cool roller coaster project. Lots of people didn’t come back to school; instead they went out to lunch and came back eventually. Not me though. I had good old-fashioned school lunch today. Like everyday.

Lessee in other news it is harder to find good one piece episodes subbed in English around #91 German no problem so I am trying out mysterious poorly labeled files and crossing my fingers. Please don’t be in German! Winamp is crashing like nobody’s business. I have lots of homework. Cramps (but I found a stash of meds) so I am ok, aaand right about now I am going to stop putting off my work.

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