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I can say honestly that today sucked and I am in a bad mood. I’m tired and cranky and I didn’t get home till 7:00. Because I told Sra. Flores that I wouldn’t be able to come to tutoring today because I didn’t have a ride. She says that’s fine, were neighbors, I can drive you home. Well Sra. forgot so I’m at Campbell Middle and I usually leave at around 5:30 and now 6:00 rolls by. I have to call my Dad, and we stop by the store on the way home so I don’t get home till 7:15. And then of course I have to run right out the door again to Taekwando. Come back at around 8:45. Eat dinner, and now it’s 10:00 and I haven’t had a moment to myself and you can’t even imagine how short I am feeling right about now. I have that lit essay to do. I am exhausted, mentally and physically, and tired.

And I can’t skip because I really don’t feel like making up the science portion of the graduation test. The one that people were failing the practice tests for… yea that one. Cranky.

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