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Well so I am sitting around the house right now and officially “babysitting” Ian, aka. Letting him amuse himself as I ponder over my Madame Bovary essay. Honestly it should have been done a long time ago but hey I we got an extension and I had more time to put it off. I might b able to think better if I eat some food. All I’ve had was some Girl Scout cookies. One of them came by this morning “You ordered cookies?” I didn’t know so I dug around and now we have even more Girl Scout cookies. You just can’t say no to little girl scouts. So I have decided the food is the order to the moment.

Yesterday was fun. I went out with Brian and had dinner and put put and and and…. ^________^ good times.

and now I have to eat so I can think or else I will be very grumpy very late tonight.

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