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Let me see

Ok so yesterday I took Dani out on a date. We went to Borders and drank coffee and all around caught up with each other. We both had just gotten back from the SATs, which by the way were as long as ever. I splurged and enjoyed it completely.

Today I was initiated into Buddhism. Woot. Bit of incense burning, bit of chanting, some general confusion, good food, good friends, cold room, lots of sitting… That about sums it up.

So afterwords I went to Margaret’s and was completely doted upon. I was GIVEN a prom dress. Along with a whole wardrobe or clothes ^____^ hehe. You see Margaret’s roommate was moving, and all the clothes were going to good-will, and it just so happens we are the same size. You have to see this dress. Wow. It is the color of my eyes… pale mossy green. So pretty, and it fits like a glove.

Anyhoo I gave to get back to my sketchbook. Mr. Ross and his weird-ass assignments. “Draw a bug home” WTF!!!