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So yesterday I spent mmm 8 hours working on the elementary school butterfly garden. Hauling around huge bags of dirt and weeding. Pishaaww So Sore! My arms feel ready to fall off. And I have discovered the thrift store! Which is a marvelous place and someone “bought?” the mangled bikes sitting out front. Who knows? They are gone so it lost some of its third-world ambiance.

So today I decided I am going to become a Buddhist initiate. The ceremony is on March 27 so if there are any last minute conversion attempts you got two weeks. Last chance. J/K this is something I really want to do, and I think it is very good for me. What I do pretty much is vow to be a good person, no killing, no stealing, no jealousy, no lying, no drinking, no gossiping, no looking down on other people, and no being angry.
And they say,
-Very good. Now you are a Buddhist.
So I say,
-Is that it?
-no more to it?
-You got it.
-And if I mess up?
-Then try harder.

Yea, I’ve been watching Fruits Basket. SO CUTE!!!! Kyo-kun is my favorite. ^___^

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