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Hello all! I suppose I should update, you know? I have these glasses that I wear. But I personally think they are too strong for me because sometimes I’ll get headaches from them. I have been particularly stubborn about wearing them up to now. Before I would just get by with squinting and stuff. Why? I think it is a vanity issue. And I’m scared to death of contacts. Though I am sure this is a completely groundless fear… hey whatever.

The fish are recovering from my negligence. I am a terrible fish keeper. Well maybe not I have kept them alive for a couple of years, but poor little Clark was so hungry. I felt awful, esp. because I was hungry too at the time and I could relate. You know? I should clean the tank… it’s late. Tomorrow!

Grateful that the essay was set back. I get to sleep tonight! Yayy! Thank you Dr. Smith! Hm what else is on my mind?

Total slaughter total slaughter
I won’t leave a single man alive
La de da de die
La de da de dud
An ocean of blood
Lets begin the killing time -(Vash the Stampede)

OMers. Andrea’s Friday! Be there! Or elseā€¦ Bwahahahahaha

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