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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Life at the moment

So today is…work my butt off day. What a holiday! Don’t you know it. not to mention I feel a little bit off physically. You know I am not to worried about any of it. I mean that math project is scary but what the hey I really can say whatever I’d like as long […]

Gerr ninja ass

So I am annoyed at the math teacher as her assignment makes absolutely no sense. Not to mention that she DIDN’T TEACH US HOW TO DO IT!!! *grumble grumble* She can just swallow her tongue for all I care. Personally I think I would make a better instruction even though I don’t know the material. […]

Now I can conform like everyone else! Brace yourself.

So Prom was great. I am not going to describe it because everyone else is doing such a fine job of it. I slept in my hair. I wrapped it in a scarf like a black person, maybe that’s why I dreamed about being a black person. I have really cute pics of everyone. 1: […]


You know getting dressed up and everything should be just fun. But right now mom is still sewing my dress together and Brian comes to pick me up in 20 minutes. And here I am sitting here FREAKING OUT!!!! Then earlier I was freaking out when my student ID was not in one of the […]

I’m off again. Woot. One word… FLORIDA!!!

Out of town

I will be off in a little bit. So for people who want to know I’ll be back Wednesday noonish, and leave again Thursday for Florida. And I’ll be in florida until the end of the week. So if your dying to catch me and hang out some time this week. Wednesday afternoon is the […]


So I went to testing this morning. It was down by Andrea’s house at Mr. Lee’s school. I smote testing. I smote it good. So now I am a decided first-degree black belt. Huuyaa! My form was great, broke both boards on the second try and sparred for 5 rounds. Good grief. I was about […]