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Life at the moment

So today is…work my butt off day. What a holiday! Don’t you know it. not to mention I feel a little bit off physically. You know I am not to worried about any of it. I mean that math project is scary but what the hey I really can say whatever I’d like as long as the math part adds up. Blah. I need some more Advil. Wow this is an action packed entry.
Yesterday I went over to Beth’s birthday, we watched to most god-awful movie ever known to the creation of man. And I mean it. I shall never watch a worse movie in the entire span of my life…ever…. if I live to a 1000000 years. A review It was good to see my old friends, even though I had to leave early. Anyway I am going to run off to the college library. Maybe I can pass myself off as a college student. ^__^