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You know getting dressed up and everything should be just fun. But right now mom is still sewing my dress together and Brian comes to pick me up in 20 minutes. And here I am sitting here FREAKING OUT!!!! Then earlier I was freaking out when my student ID was not in one of the 5 places I thought I might be. So I panic-ed myself to death until I found it. Actually I just came back from the salon and the very fruity William did my hair gorgeously. As in everyone I walked by was commenting on it. The whole place was stuffed with prom goers. I bumped into Michelle, Cindy, Jette and Katherine (not to be confused with Kat), and. They all looked to pretty. I am going to go out there and not wear much makeup at all. I have been using my secret beauty remedy for the past couple of days so my skin looks great. My secret amounts to drinking a lot of water. Works every time.

I am stressing out!! The dress isn’t sewn together yet!!! I think I get all my procrastination from Mom. Who was still sewing the wedding dress on her wedding day.
Right… Eek!!! Commences to panic some more.

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