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Monthly Archives: May 2004

thoughts… on Obsession

So I have been thinking about obsession. Because I am one to obsess to the extreme. I have been this way for as long as I can remember and am fine with it. Usually after a while my obsessions die down to a “strong fondness” (like Zelda or Fish) But occasionally there comes up a […]


So today I had Beth over and we cleaned the house. And man… we REALLY cleaned the house. Got my room done, swept, vacuumed, bathrooms, laundry, cat litter, trash, weeding. And then we got time to hang out. Now I have to say. Invader Zim has got to be one of my all time favorite […]


So I still need to get some serious hang time with Brian (apart from Val’s party) before I go off to Florida. Today we are cleaning the house. I am still a little sniffly (I didn’t mean to give it to you Stephie!!) And I coughed up most of the particularly nasty stuff… eew. I […]


OMG!!! I made my own One Piece emoticons!!!! I’m not done yet but you can get idea. That rocks WOOT WOOT!


the icon –> is my fanart. I can’t CG worth squat so I PASTELS!!! So I spent a good half of the day working in the butterfly garden. I wasn’t feeling 100% but I helped out. There were many plants that had been left there in pots and it’s been hot lately, yesterday they all […]


S…E…N…I…O…R…S Seniors! Seniors! Are the BEST! *puts away pom poms*


Some little critter crawled down my shirt and bit me on the breast. OMG it’s driving me nuts!!!

Well glad that’s done with…

So today I took the IB Spanish exam and the History final, which I was really worried about. What I said the other day about being in the clear, hard stuff over… That was a lie. I lost sleep worrying about these tests. I am not one to loose sleep for any reason, or worry […]

Live Journal

So I finally got around to that whole “paid account” thing on livejournal. Which by the way is great ^__^ …For someone who makes LJ icons in her spare time. So now I have some kickass icons up. WOOT!!! So I feel pretty mellow, the year is almost over, and I got a B in […]


It is late and I am piss-tired. I haven’t been able to study at all because of all the stupid last minute shit I have to type up. Ha HA!!! Spanish final? Study? It really sucks, I had trouble with this last TOK essay. Go figure. And what is up with the TOK final? Do […]


So I couldn’t get my painting to fit into the car. This really sucks because I am nowhere near done and I was going to work on it this weekend. To vent some of this nervous energy I did work in the sketchbook. Woot. I have to get 4 good sketches in by Friday, and […]


I have developed a habit of sitting cross-legged that doesn’t much accomodate for short skirts. I adore skirts. But for my own comfort, I should probably stick to longer ones. Hmm ^__^

So I’ve been thinking.

I think I want to upgrade my Live Journal account. Hmm. It would be nice. And for someone who makes icons in her spare time, being limited to 3 is a serious pain in the ass. That being said, I’d like to upgrade. Yesterday was great, I had Brian over and we hung out. ^__^ […]

la de da…

So I’m sitting here in the IB center, Dr. Smith is just too busy to teach us. Just like he has been for the LAST MONTH! I can understand that he has a lot of stuff to grade, but this irks me. Whatever I shouldn’t be complaining. Yea, not much to say… just kinda sitting […]


Ok so I am listening to the CD Brian got for me. And he was right, it ROCKS!!!! I think we just have the same taste in music, how convenient. Thanks a ton Brian. ^_^ And on top of that I got to hang with anime club (aka. Brian). Which made my day. I am […]


So SOMEBODY spread the word that the TOK paper was due on Monday, not to point any fingers (Michelle) So I wrote mine. When I probably could have spent the time better working on my History paper, or maybe the Extended essay. No matter. What is done is done… and the TOK paper is done. […]


So it’s a rainy day and I am sitting here on the computer writing essays. History scares me, I mean reading my article is like trudging through mud. And the person who wrote it can’t think for himself, he’s all well I agree with such-and -such… Now lets look at some charts I have no […]

Lazy day

So I have been taking a mellow day. Sure I have the premise of doing homework, but honestly not very much is getting done. And that’s ok. Ahh the joys of Saturday. I’ll call it good if I can get a sketchbook in, read some history, and work on the comparative essay. None of that […]