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Ok so I am listening to the CD Brian got for me. And he was right, it ROCKS!!!! I think we just have the same taste in music, how convenient. Thanks a ton Brian. ^_^ And on top of that I got to hang with anime club (aka. Brian). Which made my day. I am going to have to drag him down to my house next weekend. Hmm. I think it is possible. Lately I feel like I have just put him on the back burner, things have been so hectic lately. He says it’s ok, and that’s all that counts, but I still feel that my work is a lame excuse. I can try harder, and I CAN make time…

So… the adventure of today. I skinned a rat, and had to wash my hands in turpentine. I worked around a very freaked out Courtney in the dissection lab. And in art Ellen was working with 30min of sleep. I got my hands into her art project and the stuff just wouldn’t come off. At least they are not sticky anymore (30 min of washing) but all the pastel stuck to the sticky and I can’t get that off either. I Argued with Andrew about the merits of One Piece vs. Naruto (which is silly because I love both series to death… as in number one vs. number two) Whatever, I got my episode so I am happy.

Aaand just now I found the math quiz (that worksheet) so I don’t have to redo it. WOOT! But that paper 2 is looming. What kills me is that I KNOW she is going to go over it in class so there is no point at all in doing it. A complete waste of time. Oh and Kudos to Michelle because without our misunderstanding I would have to write my TOK paper tomorrow. Enough stream of consciousness… I am going to make some tea and enjoy my new icon.