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Lazy day

So I have been taking a mellow day. Sure I have the premise of doing homework, but honestly not very much is getting done. And that’s ok. Ahh the joys of Saturday. I’ll call it good if I can get a sketchbook in, read some history, and work on the comparative essay. None of that is particularly onerous. Nope not at all. After this hellish week I think I can take anything. And it is such a nice day, I opened the windows. Just me and and the cat. Zoe is the greatest; she’ll just come and hang with me all day. I have my cup of tea, and good music. Lately I have been listening to the BBC. They have some really good music on there, and no advertisements, the music is actually picked by DJs! So I’ll tune in and download any music that I really like.

It was funny I was hanging with Stephanie and David for a while on Friday, so we look across the street and there is Roman… on his laptop. Just sitting on the side of the street. So we’re like ahh, such a geek (not that I have any room to say anything) so after Stephanie and David go home I wander over to Roman and, we start talking. Apparently where he was sitting is a prime location to leech off our Internet… We haven’t secured it so our house is a hotspot. I just thought that is was kinda funny. Not that I mind, we have enough internet to share.

Now if only I knew where Brian is. I haven’t been able to reach him, and he didn’t come to school on Friday… *worry worry* Actually I am sure he’s fine. I’d just like to talk to him. -_- I am spoiled.

HO HO! New icon!! I know Kung Fu!!! ^__^

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