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So I couldn’t get my painting to fit into the car. This really sucks because I am nowhere near done and I was going to work on it this weekend. To vent some of this nervous energy I did work in the sketchbook. Woot. I have to get 4 good sketches in by Friday, and now I have one. But now I see that it is late and my history reading is undone. And you know, I really don’t give a flip. I have read that book for every assignment this whole year. So I have put it off all this week and it comes down to a whole chapter. Ugh. It’s already ten-ish I’d finish at about… 11:30 that is, not taking notes. *whine whine complain* I think just this once I am going to blow it off. Or maybe I could do half now, and half on the bus… T_T my shoulders hurt. I went to Taekwando last night and I am really feeling it. I had not gone in a couple of weeks, and right now I am feeling those couple of weeks… in my whole body. I think the only muscles that are not sore are my toe muscles. My body says SLEEP!!! My book says READ!!! My computer says PLAY!!! and my tongue says ICE CREAM!!!

Ice cream wins… Now bask in the glow of my new icon.