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So it’s a rainy day and I am sitting here on the computer writing essays. History scares me, I mean reading my article is like trudging through mud. And the person who wrote it can’t think for himself, he’s all well I agree with such-and -such… Now lets look at some charts I have no opinion. Oh wait let me use to word fiscal about five times per sentence. It takes all my brain power to understand what he is trying to say (which is a lot of brain power, I can understand most things), thank God I don’t have to agree with him. *shakes fist* Whatever, as long as I can go to bed before eleven I am A-ok.

Oh and Galileo is a bitch… just for the record. Because apparently I am just not cool enough to access all the information. Isn’t the whole point of the internet to make researching easier (and pirating of course).

BTW does anyone know if the House of the Spirits, question 3 is due on Monday or not? I am not sure, because he really hasen’t gone over it at all.

*sips tea*

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