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thoughts… on Obsession

So I have been thinking about obsession. Because I am one to obsess to the extreme. I have been this way for as long as I can remember and am fine with it. Usually after a while my obsessions die down to a “strong fondness” (like Zelda or Fish) But occasionally there comes up a huge obsession that lasts much longer and is a lot more frightening by sheer magnitude of obsession, and my complete lack of control. Like the kind of obsession that will fill 7 gigs or space, cover your walls with posters, drag you to conventions, show up on clothing, on homework margins, and take up all your spare time. Like an obsession with pirates… more specifically One Piece. Now I would like to say, right off the bat I am not the only one here (then again there are people obsessed with socks… and they’re mostly Japanese) obsessed over this. Point is I haven’t been this bad since Sailor Moon or Tomb Raider. I really see no point fighting it. Actually I was thinking about the whole thing. I mean we (as a society) put far too much emphasis on obsession. In relationships, when the crazy stalker-man goes after the girl and calls it love. We call it infatuation, but that’s basically obsession when it comes down to it. I think there are people out there just for the thrill of the obsession, love is a much quieter creature that is lazy and stubborn and doesn’t move once it sits down. Love is like a big fat cat. Which isn’t the point I was trying to make at all. Actually my point was: look at my One Piece emoticons. I am obsessed… it’s kinda sad. What a phenomenal point.

This turned into a long update for me. Wow. Stream of consciousness. I am leaving for Florida tomorrow, St. George Island. Yee all have been warned. I’ll be gone for about a week. We rented a beach house on the water, and this year I don’t have all my summer work to do.

I need a job. You know if I want to do that whole college thing. Yea… job. I have never worked before, any advise would be good. I have no idea what I’m doing. T__T