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Well glad that’s done with…

So today I took the IB Spanish exam and the History final, which I was really worried about. What I said the other day about being in the clear, hard stuff over… That was a lie. I lost sleep worrying about these tests. I am not one to loose sleep for any reason, or worry for that matter. Everyone has gone home… and I’m stuck in the IB office till 3 because Dad has a dentist appointment and Mom is out of town. I forgot about lunch money but Alix loaned me a couple bucks for the vending machine. Bah. Tonight I have to finalize that comparative essay thing and do some sketches… I guess it hasn’t really hit me that tomorrow is the last day of school. I want to go home and chill, at least I’m not waiting outside that would be miserable. I want to go hang out with Brian, we could set up the hammock… mmm.

Anyhoo I think I am going to go annoy Mrs. Van Horn now.