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Monthly Archives: June 2004

quiz thingie

[[spell your first name backwards]] Hannah… You don’t have to tell me… It’s AWESOME [[the story behind your username]] It is derived from “Mouse the Cat” to be “Mouse ta’ cat” to be mouse2cat… interesting no? [[where do you live]] in my house [[wallet]] cheap [[jewelry worn daily]] umm small earrings, a little amber necklace, […]

Roy is AWESOME!!!

Haha I have made myself an animated icon. It is from a scene where Roy declares if he was at the top he would implement military miniskirts. It was a great scene… And it was a lot harder to animate than you’d think. Mostly because I decided to use Photoshop instead of old faithful paint. […]

I dreamed I was this tribal leader and I had this killer yo yo. It had spikes and everything.

First day

So I just got back from my very first day of work. Well… I really like my managers, and I like my coworkers, and I like the customers. It isn’t so bad at all. Though you would never guess how grimy and cluttered the back rooms are. I watched some thoroughly gripping educational videos, dug […]


So I went to Publix and I got the uniform. You know the little green vest, white shirt and bow. Damm I make this look good.

bug bites

Ok so tomorrow I actually start my job, and Brian goes out of town. For those who don’t know he is heading up it New York for a vacation. Which is long overdue. He will be gone for a week and I’d already be missing him if he weren’t stopping by in about 45 minutes. […]

Ok so Publix said they would call me. And they didn’t. I know it really isn’t a big deal but I have been stressing out so much it feels like one. I come back after talking to them and hit the hay. Because that is how I cope with stress. I sleep. I woke up […]

-__- whew

So I went in for an interview with Publix. Oh and special thanks to Dani for boosting my confidence there. Gerr… I’d like to see her get a job mid summer. It was all preliminary but I think I got the job. I’d bet money on it. Brian said it was all about the handshake, […]

alarm clock

So I had Brian over today. It was great ^___^ he smells so good!!! lol I don’t know what I would do without him. And Jackie turned 16 Cheers! I have an interview tomorrow morning so Maybe I’ll get a job. In honor of such a thing I decided to download an alarm clock. I’m […]

Job hunt- unsuccesful

So I am having quite a difficult time looking for work. Where I really want to work is in this little aquarium that just opened up. Run by a grand sum of 3 people. Not a chance there. And my fish know-how is seriously lacking. Oh well… I just get really nervous. And I have […]

for your amusment maxi pad slippers

Some girls need to be kept away from the hot glue gun… maxi pad slippers… Sometimes I shudder at my own gender. Anyway I really don’t know why i’m updating. There isn’t anything to say.

New Icon

Somehow I think that this one suits me… This has been a stressful day. The sparks were flying between Mom and I. So I spent the latter part of the day avoiding her. Apparently I don’t even deserve dinner anymore. Like an I’ll make food for Ian and I but you are on your own. […]


So, apparently if I don’t get a job by the end of the day it is going to be the damn end of the world. Or at least that is what my Mom seems to think. We went down to the school and got a work permit. I cannot for the life of me find […]

Back from the beach!!!

So I am back from the beach. It was great. It was wonderful, but home is good too. Personally I think taping glow sticks to the stunt kite was the most exciting thing I did down there. That and driving through Tallahassee… Man I love that city. My hair hasn’t recovered from all that salt […]