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-__- whew

So I went in for an interview with Publix. Oh and special thanks to Dani for boosting my confidence there. Gerr… I’d like to see her get a job mid summer. It was all preliminary but I think I got the job. I’d bet money on it. Brian said it was all about the handshake, but you know… I told him I have taken 5 years of Spanish and that was it the magic words. Certainly got his attention. Heheheh…. Bwahahahaa!!! Fear the power of my Spanish skillz! Yea anyway he said that they’d call me back in the next 24 hours. And if they don’t I think I’m going to cry. Then go to sleep. I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep so well, and anyone who knows me sleeping knows I sleep like I have been pulling all nighters for a month.

In other news. My alarm clock works. It’s actually very fun. There is this little bar that tells you what percent of the night you have left. When you put your mouse over it, it says “if your still up, this is how much sleep you’ve wasted” Which I thought was very funny especially late at night. So now I have set playlists and it’s kind of scary how much fun I am having with a little alarm clock. And I am thoroughly obsessed with Full metal Alchemist. Hmm… Soo good ^___^ This is good because I have reached the fringes of fan subbing with One Piece. There just aren’t any decent subs after episode 115. They are all corrupted too eeh. I think I would be able to follow it better w/o subs after watching those corrupted files. So instead of drowning my One Piece withdrawal woes by making millions of icons and counting down the days till volume 4 comes out, drawing fan art, rereading Shonen Jump, and plotting Kelly’s doom (that girl has to give me back my One Piece), I am just downloading Full metal Alchemist. Would Publix hire me if they knew I was a pirate?

Now I shall change my icons obsessively!!!