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Back from the beach!!!

So I am back from the beach. It was great. It was wonderful, but home is good too. Personally I think taping glow sticks to the stunt kite was the most exciting thing I did down there. That and driving through Tallahassee… Man I love that city.

My hair hasn’t recovered from all that salt and seaweed. It’s just unmanageable; I’ve given up on brushing it. Partly because I got a sunburn on my scalp and brushing it hurts like hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. I got some sarongs, and I was reunited with my long lost pillow. I had left it at a friend’s house (Sally and Woody’s) and there it had stayed for about 4 years. Now it is back and I have my pillow again!

I am going to try to hang with Brian for the latter part of the day. I think he is sleeping now, and I have to put in a couple more loads of laundry first.

My pants are like sails
I walk like a ship
I may seem weird
But I’m really quite hip