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bug bites

Ok so tomorrow I actually start my job, and Brian goes out of town. For those who don’t know he is heading up it New York for a vacation. Which is long overdue. He will be gone for a week and I’d already be missing him if he weren’t stopping by in about 45 minutes.

Yesterday there was Publix orientation, not exactly something to write home about. I can honestly say I didn’t learn squat. But for all purposes I knew exactly where it was and how to get there in multiple ways from different directions. Woww. Then again it was across the street from one of my bus stops. So afterwards I skidadled over to six-flags to chill with Lindsey, Catra (real name unknown), and Jackie. I have never seen worse traffic they merged the highway into f-ing ONE lane. But I am over it.

We went on this ride, it was somewhat like a giant swing set that would flip upside down and stall upside down, and there were these great crushing harnesses. Afterwards we went home for cake and the awsomest game cube game EVAR!! The Japanese Naruto fighting game, it had pretty much everyone… and… And Kikashi would do his 1000 years of pain and Garaa had the sand thing and Naruto could turn into a girl, and in Sakura’s attacks you could see inner Sakura. Lindsey was kickass with everyone epically Zabusa and Jackie with Garaa and Catra with Haku. Does anyone notice these are all villains? I was awful. Painfully awful. No shock there. So I am ranting. Needless to say we played that for several hours.

Today I sat Zen and hung out at the center, I watched Fullmetal Alchemist in SPANISH!!! It was great. I understood everything they were saying. You see I have not been able to find many English subs after ep. 16. So I figure I could always watch in Spanish. Why not? It is not like there is a terribly deep plot, even without the subtitles it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The mechanic’s eyes sparkle and holds up screwdrivers. Wonder what she’s up to… And btw the word alchemist in Spanish is very similar to English.

Anyhoo I am going to loan Brian some novels for the plane flight. *gleam* Is anyone familiar with “A Wizard of Earthsea” by Ursula K. Le Guin? Because if you aren’t you should go bash your head against a wall and then go to the library and get it. Try not to give yourself too bad a concussion; you do have to get to the library and back. And Brian worried about being hard on my copy. The binding is half ripped off, the pages are yellow, and the covers are in tatters, the spine is broken. There is not much more he can do to them that hasn’t been done. It’s when you have to carry the book around in a bag to keep it together it when you know you have a problem.

I just wanted to use the “flirty” Moodicon heehee it amuses me. Luffy… *SPARKLE*

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